The New American Home Remodel Phase 4

We are thrilled to watch how this home has come together.  Everyone has been spectacular to work with.  Everything is coming together extremely nicely and we look forward to unveiling the final product at the International Builders Show in February.  Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and blog for more videos and photos.

The Video Transcript:

Everything is going great we are kind of in the last stretch of everything.  We have pretty much got most of the exterior completed it’s pretty spectacular to see it get to this point.  You know we took a lot of inspiration from the neighborhood.  This neighborhood is really kind of an old-school Vegas rural agricultural area, we wanted to keep consistency through the home.  You will notice that when you go through the home, there is the same stone inside and outside, the same colors and textures and so we wanted it to feel more like a home rather than a show home.

The interior cabinets are coming out spectacular, Wood Mode has done a great job at providing us some beautiful cabinets that are really unique.  We are starting on all the tile floor and we’re starting to set recessed cans so things are going pretty smooth.

Everybody is really excited to see the kingspan metal on the exterior it’s really unique.  We are utilizing a new application for the exterior stone, we are getting tons of compliments on the design of that and how we installed it in the dry stack configuration.  Environmental Stern Works is awesome to work with, their whole crew, the installers have been spectacular.  This was kind of a great collaboration you know they have been really receptive.  It took a little while to get the color figured out, there was a lot of back and forth and that’s what’s been great about working with them. They have really stepped up to help us deliver the look and feel that we want this house to have.

Everybody that has been a part of the home has been spectacular.  We had a vision of creating this rustic, modern, organic composition and everybody’s really seeing it now.   I think everybody is really buying into how unique this house is and it’s great to see all these pieces that you know were all single elements become a whole in the home.