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a holistic approach

Established in 2010, our framework is supported by a leadership team of 30 plus years experience.

studio g ARCHITECTURE is a holistic design studio based in Nevada, specializing in architecture and interior design. our studio’s design philosophy is bound in a collaborative spirit and a commitment to the principles of modern and contemporary architecture.

We strive to unify mind, body, and soul into multi-faceted and harmonious indoor and outdoor spaces. we foster ideas and concepts informed by the unique nature of each client, their site, and the relevant projects program.

We ground our process in rigorous assessment, insistent questioning, technical expertise, and creative pragmatism.

Our studio offers not only functional designs, but inspirational spatial paradigms, which increase understanding and awareness of how the use of space affects lifestyle. We approach every design challenge as an opportunity to leave a positive impact on the environment and the community. ideally, each design goes beyond its pragramatic requirements and into aesthetic desires, which allows for rich schemes and personalized design solutions.

Our goal is to produce vibrant and environmentally sensitive places that enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. architecture is a visual reflection, an encapsulated, specific imprint of social and cultural life. the human body causes and emotional and aesthetic response to architectural properties, like light, space, scale, and color. We design consciously to simulate the senses, tailoring each project to its occupants.

We recognize these responses, and we defy preconceptions with an understanding that, while working within limits, creative improvisation can harvest unexpected solutions and astonishing results. At the core of our philosophy is the goal to have architecture enhance one’s experience, while emmersed in its environment, where one yields influence from that environment.





our portfolio

studio g ARCHITECTURE’s strength is in our ability to create an atmosphere of mutual communication and a shared stake in the project excellence. This attitude allows everyone to excel on behalf of our clients, which leads to projects that are on time, under budget, delivered in innovative ways, and that profit the clients’ businesses