The Garage Design for the 2019 New American Remodel

Watch the video below to learn more about our design for the 2019 New American Remodel garage.  The garage was designed, as Michael explains, to function as both a garage and a man cave.  Check it out!

The Video Transcript:

The square footage of the house is about 5,200 square feet. We have a three-car garage plus an RV garage, which most people go why would you do an RV garage?  In that neighborhood a lot of people either have boats or have fifth wheels.  They have RVs and even the next door neighbor runs a landscaping company out of their property so the ability to store equipment in a climate controlled environment, is pretty critical.  We felt that that was kind of a really nice bit and we intentionally made it larger than normal.  So most RV garages will be 18 feet by 40 45 foot but what we wanted to be able to do is if it was a car collector or someone that had the equipment they could kind of stack up a bunch of different things.  I could turned it into a workshop so we’ve really turned the garage into a man cave so we’ve got a workbench.  They’ll have TVs refrigeration, a small little dishwasher, a urinal in there.  So it kind of becomes a space without it being a livable space.