The 2019 New American Remodel Vision and Complications

As you may already know, The National Association of Home Builders has chosen Michael as the architect for the 2019 New American Remodel.

In this video clip, Michael discusses some of the unique challenges he and his team have been facing during Phase I of construction. Michael also explains the importance of the location and his vision for the remodeled home, as well as some of the complications his team continues to conquer during this process

This is his third project for the International Builders Show and his first in the remodel category. He was selected to design the New American Home for the show in 2013 and 2016.  This is Michael’s first New American Remodel project, as well as the first home he is both designing and building.

The remodeled home will include 5,258 square feet of living space and follow a list of criteria as set forth from The National Association of Home Builders.

The design criteria for The New American Remodel takes into consideration what today’s luxury homebuyer wants:

■ Multigenerational living solution.

■ Important amenities for today’s upscale homebuyer, such as function and storage.

■ Ideal for entertaining.

■ Low-maintenance materials.

Stay tuned for progress updates here as we continue the remodel process.   To view our previous blog announcing this project click here.